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andy roo forrest

..Roo Forrest came of age in the suburban 1970s; the idealism of the 60s was fading but the drugs were getting more powerful and pervasive.  Everyone who could provide guidance was getting out of their marriage and into a jacuzzi. 
Roo turned out the lights and listened to Dylan, Tom Leherer, Sondheim, John Prine, Buffy Saint Marie. The Beatles, Mel Brooks, George Carlin, Johnny Cash, The Smothers Brother, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin and  anybody else who can  make  you laugh or cry.

about: the performers

David Schumer is a story teller whose tales start innocently enough...but don't let your guard down they usually end in a sucker punch. Being a trained MD he can reach your solar plexus from across the auditorium.

he is also a prolific songwriter whose personality is so toxic he can't keep his band together for more that a month. for this show he will be performing with his most compatible bandmate yet a tc helicon harmony pedal. Schumer says " sure rehearsals are quiet but i don't have to pay it and it doesn't try to change the song arrangements"

Danielle K.L. Gregoire is a stand up comedian, storyteller, spoken word poet, organizer, parent, and general arts appreciator and curator. She founded the Comedy Womb (now the Comedy Nest) and runs multiple storytelling shows around Seattle: A Necessary Sadness, Do Tell, and Messages of Support. Her dreams are to open a venue for storytellers and to gather a community to weather this storm and build something worth hoping for.

Danielle Gregoire

Erin Walker

Erin Walker is one of many Seattle transplants - although she doesn't have a car, so she denies any responsibility for the increasingly worsening traffic situation. She spends her days raising money for scholarships and research at the University of Washington and most of her nights binge-watching Game of Thrones with her daughter - Barbara the dog,  her roommate - Izzy the cat, and her boyfriend - Brian the ginger. Erin also enjoys travelling, golfing, playing tennis, and drinking beer. She's told stories at events hosted by A Guide to Visitors, Drunken Telegraph and Fresh Ground Stories.


david schumer

Lesley Jones was homeschooled as a child and grew up to be a terrible liar, a good scientist, and an excellent judge of burritos. She has told stories for RISK!, Bawdy Storytelling, The Mystery Box, and some other places, people, and animals. You can find her on Twitter @science__patrol.

Leslie Jones

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