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every night of every week in every city in the puget sound there are open mic events. Storytellers and Songwriters and comedians bravely get up in front of disinterested audiences to do what they have practiced for hours alone, in front of their partners or more likely their bathroom mirrors. 

Most of these people are downright awful. I mean they stink to high heaven. But a select few are incredibly good. They are amazingly good and nobody will ever hear of them. I try to find them (my performances excluded of course) and pay them money to do what they love to do in front of an appreciative audience. That audience is you. I have heard every act perform and they are fantastic. The one thing i don't do is i don't edit them in the least. If they are gutsy enouth to get up in front of strangers let them have the final cut.

these shows are long. they run 3 hours. but they are the best of their kind. you have raw courageous people who want to entertain you. 

enjoy the show.

david schumer producer

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